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Prayer to Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Model of Faith and Mother of the Church

 Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Model of Faith and Mother of the Church,

In this Year of Faith we invoke your name, look to your example and implore your assistance as we seek to deepen our relationship with your Son, and our Savior, Jesus Christ.
When we face trials pray for us, that we will stand with courage as you did on Calvary when your heart was pierced as your Son died. 
When we are afraid, pray for us that we too may be comforted by God’s angel who once said to you when you were afraid: “Do not fear Mary”. 
When we are overwhelmed by our weaknesses, pray that we too might be overshadowed and strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit. 
When we are filled with doubts, pray for us, so that like you, we will trust that God’s promises will be fulfilled. When we are uncertain, pray for us, 
and exhort us to do whatever Christ tells us! When we are too busy, slow us down and remind us to take the time, like you did, to ponder the mysteries of God in our heart. 
When we become ungrateful, pray for us and remind us that the One who has done great things for you, has also done great things for us. 
When we are wallowing in guilt and shame, pray for us, under the title “Full of Grace” and remind us to run without delay to the throne of God’s mercy and grace! 
When we grow weary of practicing our faith, pray for us, that like you we might make haste to share the Good News about you Son and our Savior! 
And finally, when our last day is near and the sun is about to set on our earthly journey, pray for us sinners…, now and at the hour of our death. Amen


[Copyright ©2012 by Fr. Patrick A. Smith, DC State Chaplin of the Knights of Columbus & Pastor of St Augustine Catholic Church, Wash. DC]

Assoc. State Chaplain Gives Talk @ Theology on Tap

TOT FlyerAssociate State Chaplain Fr. Greg Gresko was the featured speaker at the Archdiocese of Washington's lastest Theology on Tap held at Buffalo Billiards on 7/16 in Washingotn DC.   The event was attended by ~100 Young Adults (20s and 30s) and is put on by the Young Adult Ministry Office in Washington DC.  The talk was part of the "How can I find God" series. 

The text of the talk can be found below and the audio is posted here: 


DC State Associate Chaplain delivers remarks to new State Deputies

Leaders in Charity
Closing Mass of the Knights of Columbus State Deputies' Meeting
New Haven, Connecticut – 9 June 2013

In this morning's readings, the prophet of the Most High God encounters widows whose sons have fallen gravely ill or who have died. In the first reading, the prophet Elijah visits the widow of Zarephath, while in the Gospel for today, Jesus encounters the widow of Nain. In both situations, the prophet of the Lord brings God's presence into the midst of a broken humanity threatened by death, manifesting the power of God's bringing man to new life through a faith founded in perfect charity, directed in hope. We hear in 1 Kings 17.24 the great proclamation of the widow of Zarephath after she witnesses the healing power of God that meets her in her personal brokenness: "Now indeed I know that you are a man of God. The word of the LORD comes truly from your mouth."

Our being authentic disciples requires us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, strengthened by the example of such holy men as the prophet Elijah. A genuine disciple brings God's powerful presence into the midst of humanity's brokenness, just as Pope Francis has been directing each one of us as Christian faithful to do. If we listen to the Lord and allow God to work His power through us as instruments of His Love, the world will know that we are men of God, and the word of the Lord that comes from the mouth of our authentic Christian testimony will be known to be truth.


So You Have A Jesuit Pope... An Overview of the Jesuits

Download Here

Year of Faith Lecture Series

Year of Faith LogoAs we enter the Year of Faith, The Blessed John Paul II Shrine in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus in the District of Columbia are answering the call of both the Holy Father and Cardinal Wuerl to gain an increased awareness of our faith in order to live as better examples of it. To that end, there will be a series of theological presentations for the DC community, on the role of the family in the New Evangelization. The series will consist of four presentations and will take place at the Blessed John Paul II Shrine. The first speaker in the series will be Fr. Patrick Smith, Pastor of St Augustine Catholic Church in Washington, DC. Fr. Smith’s lecture is titled “Catholic Manhood-The Man of God.”

For more information, and to regsiter for this event, please visit our event page.

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